Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stars in the sky

Tonight is the first night of this year where snow is falling quietly as the city goes to rest. I took some photos this evening of the snow outside and many times, if you just look at that patch of sky, you'd think you were looking up at a clear sky, out in the country, staring at the millions of stars shinning down on us each night. It is amazing how snow can silence the hustle, stress, worry, pain and angst of a city. It is incredible how it has the power to turn a place filled with those who want to stay anonymous and not connect with their fellow Londoner in any real way, to a place where neighbors finally meet after years of living next door. Where commuters can actually share smiles and a laugh as the train driver puts on their jolly voice and tells a joke.
I believe it is moments like this that remind us how the simplest things around us in nature are what bring us back to the core of being human and alive. It's not about the millions of pounds we want in the bank or the car outside, the house we're in or the fancy clothes in our closet. Life, living, is being able to savour moments where you listen with your heart and feel the power of small drops of frozen water over a "big bad city" like London.

I hope you will take a moment to look around your world and find something small, something so tiny and seemingly insignificant and listen with your heart. Where does it take you and what does it say...

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