Sunday, October 18, 2009

The first and last image

This summer I had the privilege of visiting an old friend and taking a road trip along the coast of California. We drove from Los Angeles to San Fransisco and allowed ourselves to be in awe of the majestic beauty of the coast, the wild life and moments of pure bliss watching the sunset against the Pacific Ocean. When we came back to LA we were sitting in my friend's room wondering how he could re-work his space to capture the strength he felt while out traveling, finding new music and spending time with great people. It occurred to me that a simple shift of where his bed was would suddenly open up his space and give him a big beautiful wall to work with. When we sat on his bed looking at this wall it occurred to me...what is it that he would want to see every morning when he woke up and every evening when he went to sleep? What would be his first and last image?

When I thought about who he is and what is important to him three things came to my mind: he is a writer, a lover of music and loves traveling the world with friends and family. So he had the opportunity to choose aspects of each of those parts of his life and put them up on the wall to serve as a reminder and source of inspiration each day to keep him connected to what's most important to him.

As I sit here writing this I am looking at a beautiful batik print of a person in meditation. There are no eyes, mouth or any other distinguishing features except that it is filled with peace, with a border of beautiful flowers and a crown of golden leaves around the head. At the level of the heart is a golden leaf that catches your eye and draws you in to that sense of peace. This print reminds me of all that I want to be, all that I strive to be and that I want to push myself to always come from my heart.

So this evening I put the question out there...what is it that you see when you first wake and when you put your head to pillow? Does it inspire you, fill you with energy and get you ready for your day or put a smile on your face as you go to your dreams? If not, why not and what would you want to see there? Remember, your space is yours to create. It doesn't have to cost a lot or be time consuming to put up a single image, painting, photo, piece of writing, etc. that could possibly change your outlook and start to each and every day. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and really consider what you surround yourself with in your home. Be inspirational and let your heart be your guide.

Happy catching :0)

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