Saturday, February 20, 2010

My DreamCatcher Heroine

This entry is dedicated to my mother. An incredible woman who never ceases to amaze me. It feels like finally, at the age of 66 (going on 67 soon!) she has finally hit her stride. Life has heard and seen all that she has done for others and is now saying, 'Go for it! This is your time now! You have earned it!!'. She is being recognised for her work, she is finally able to see, feel and know that she has the power to create the life that she wants and she's grounded in a way that I've never seen before...

It is amazing and wonderful and such a gift to see this woman who has struggled through life in so many ways and pushed herself to keep it together not just for the sake of her family but for all those around her, whether at her university, in her community, people she meets just once who need help...anyone...she has made it work.

She has never stopped pursuing what she wants. Many times she's wanted to give up and throw the towel in but she's never given up. Even when she and I weren't speaking for a while due to a decision I made she was unhappy about...she never gave up on me. She has always been there for me and my brother regardless of how many times we've hung up the phone or had fights that could challenge a the worst grudge match.

She comes through. She believes. She has faith. She loves. She is generous beyond belief and is still like a little kid, excited to explore the world and see everything there is to see.

She is amazing and I am so thankful I've had so much time to see her grow, blossom and develop as this incredible woman of the world.

I just want the world to know how much she means to me and how proud I am to see her push herself to continue developing as a person even when she's in the last chapter of her life. As I write that, knowing that her time is even more limited than it used to be it makes my heart twinge with pain imaging that day when I can no longer see that giddy smile on her face as she clasps her hands together and pulls her shoulders up to her ears beaming with delight at the latest new fruit tree she's grown in the yard or her most recent idea for her next big adventure in some far away land, or even the latest book that has sparked some inspiration in her and led her to see life in a completely new light.

All of this has been a blessing to remind me that life isn't guaranteed, the moments we are living right now are the only ones we really 'own'. And it's too short to let a moment pass by without letting someone you know and love really know how you feel about them.

I used to be better about that. When I was younger I always wanted to make sure my friends, family and anyone I came across really knew what I thought and how I felt...straight from my heart. I realise that's not always possible but it's not enough to say lack of time, distance, time zones and just 'being busy'are good excuses to let those moments pass by.

So I challenge you all today, tonight, this afternoon, this morning...make that call, write that email, send that text, mail that letter (if there are still people in the world like me who still do that!!) and let that person or people know that you care, that you appreciate and that you're there sending love from wherever you are to some part of the world.

It's about time :0)

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