Monday, May 3, 2010

I'll wait one more day to have the life I want...

Why do we procrastinate with those things that we want most in life?

I thought I was unique to such a situation and maybe some strange personality where I want to achieve many things in life, I have tons of ideas, but from idea to action I seem to get lost and distracted and find every excuse under the sun not to live my life today.

I'm surrounded by many people in the same situation yet when I look at them I think, well if you want it so badly just do it! Of course! Obvious right?!

Not as obvious when I look in the mirror.

I've tried many different techniques but I seem to be going in the same circle as I have been in many phases of my life. So my question to the world today is how do you stop from procrastinating? If it's a bad habit how do you break it? What works for you? What has made you most successful in getting out of that job you hate and into a life you love???


  1. Sounds like me! I find what works best is to "shut off" my thinking for a moment and just "do". I've also started avoiding negative energy people who like dwelling in a rut and seeking out other people who are positive, active and looking to grow and change.

    At a certain point I have to trust that I've planned enough, prepared enough, that I know what I want to do and just do it (Ok now I'm hearing Yoda "There is no try" :-). I'm afraid of flying, but that's how I got to England when I was at BMC- I just bought a ticket. You really have to psych yourself and I know it feels like working uphill in molasses. Just say "Done, I want this -now let's go" and move. I find action/movement helps. Physically prepare something, make a promise, buy that ticket, put yourself out there. Two weeks ago I did it again. Never thought I would run, but a girl at work kept asking and finally I just said "ok, Wednesday" and packed a gym bag. Now I run :-)Who would have thought. I don't have any big accomplishments yet, but to me these things are huge. It's definitely baby steps, one decision at a time, I'm trying to break my procrastination cycle too!

    I'm very shy, but I want to create and share and get myself out there so I've made a blog too, so far it is helping me :-) a little bit at a time.

  2. Crystal, thanks for your comment! All so true. Just about doing and stopping the thinking. This blog is definitely a part of that for me and I've realised it is a positive for me in terms of 'doing' positive habits. I'm so glad you've commented and very intrigued in your own work as well so excited to be following you and seeing that the blogging world definitely holds some great possibilities!

    Happy creating and looking forward to seeing what's new with you.