Monday, October 18, 2010

The beauty in small things

How many times a day are you grateful? I try very hard to make it part of my daily practice, when I get up in the morning being thankful for the wonderful sleep I've had and the opportunity for a full new day of surprises. Each night before I sleep I give thanks for everything that has happened in my day and open myself up to a wonderful night of good sleep, great dreams and more surprises. But what about throughout my day?

It sounds like a lot but really I believe part of finding real joy in our lives is about finding beauty in the small things, whether it's sitting in the sun for a few minutes and enjoying its warmth or enjoying a great warm cup of tea on a cold fall day, there is beauty in everything if we stop and give ourselves a moment to pause and enjoy it.

So today I ask all those out there to think about the small things in your everyday that you could give thanks for and therefore inject a little more joy and harmony into your life.

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