Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finding exactly what you're looking for

Change. It's what I've been looking for the past few months. Positive change. And yet it's manifested itself in a way I never expected. Suddenly a house that was just mine is now one I share with a wonderful new friend who is amazing but I was not prepared for what the change in my physical environment would do to my feeling of center and calm. Add to that the amount of change happening with looking for a new job, leaving a long-term relationship and you've got a recipe for: Hello, my name is lets-throw-everything-up-in-the-air-and-see-how-you-fair.

So it's not even 6am now and I've managed about 4 good hours of rest after a long long day of constant change, transport issues with a city wide tube strike and a complete lack of anything concrete. As I searched around on my computer just now for some comfort, some words of wisdom I happened to click on my blog link when I thought I was clicking on something else and suddenly saw my post on 'getting unstuck' brought a small smile to my face as I realised that I found exactly what I was looking for. The reminder to take the pressure off, allow myself to 'relax into the stuckness' and just go with the flow even if it means that I'm not feeling like I'm flowing at all!

I find many times in life it is easy to look externally for wisdom or comfort during a difficult time of change and transition when in reality we've had all we needed the entire time. It's just a question of when we'll take the pressure off and look within to realise we have had it all along.

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