Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The greeting card gone GREEN

The California Academy of Arts and Sciences. Besides being an amazing place to re-discover the power of science, view beautiful animals and be inspired by an incredible living roof, it is a place to discover new and beautiful "everyday" items turned new.

Being a fan of sending cards, yes even in this age of emails and texts, I was thrilled and absolutely chuffed to find these greeting cards that are not only made of 100% recycled material but they are recyclable themselves. No, it doesn't stop there. They have seeds embedded in the paper! So your recipient not only receives a beautiful card but they have the opportunity to put those words into a pot and watch as a beautiful
wildflower plant or some basil grows. For a woman who once thought people were losing the art of the written word and relying too much on "text language" I can say that this was one of the best discoveries I made this summer.

Looking further I found that they went one step further and created "wish cards". You write a goal, dream, wish or prayer on it, plant it and watch it grow. There is something so beautiful and pure about being able to physically watch your wish grow into a plant and use that as inspiration for it to grow into reality. As you water and nurture those seeds so shall you be reminded to do the same with each wish or goal.

This is heralding a moment of an incredible revolution where people take something that already exists, whether it be interior design, greeting cards, water bottles or cars, and put the spirit and nature back into it.
Let's keep this revolution going!

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