Friday, October 16, 2009

RAINBOWS without the rain

Sitting in my kitchen on a cool autumn day I look around me and see rainbows everywhere. Moving, shifting, floating around the room and my house and I smile. I smile knowing that outside, it is cold, cloudy, windy and with the slightest hint of a chilly rain to come. So how, might you ask, have I been able to make rainbows in my kitchen? Well, with a little help from the mischevious London sun it's simple.

If you don't have a wonderful Astronomer friend like mine who will give you one of the coolest gifts ever then you have to go out and get yourself a Rainbow Maker. It is a cool solar powered device that has a beautiful crystal that produces rainbows when hit by the sun. The energy of the sun makes the crystal turn so the rainbows move all around your room and home.

While it doesn't look particularly amazing it is a beautiful device that surprises you. Especially in a country where the sun peeps out every once in a while for a few minutes to say hello and remind you that it exists.

I can't tell you the number of times I've come home seeing clouds all around and had a lovely surprise to walk into the kitchen and see rainbows everywhere. When you think back, rainbows are something you are in awe of as a child but somehow, as we get older, as with many things, we lose the magic of something so simple and produced naturally.

It brings so much warmth and magic back into a home and costs you nothing but the maker. And it surprises you. It's not just for kids, it's for those who love finding small, affordable ways to bring love and warmth into the home.

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